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The Wee-Bean: 18 Months*

My lovelies, time is going by much too fast.

This morning my “small” little bean is officially a year and a half old.


I hear myself telling people that, and it always makes me pause. How on earth did we get here already? Who is this big, beautiful kid running around my house?

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d tell you all about my growing wee-bean at 18 months. :)


I won’t find out her exact height / weight until her appointment on Friday, but I think she weighs around 25lbs and is right on track for her age.

She loves to eat everything. There is nothing this kid won’t at least try once. Right now she loves avocados and blueberry pancakes, and she has to eat whatever her dad is eating. She gets very upset if he doesn’t share with her. haha! I know I’m a little late, but this summer we weaned off everything but her night time bottle, and I’m hoping to be done with that before autumn hits.

She just got her 8th tooth on our vacation, though I’m fairly certain she has two molars coming in right now. Sleep has been… well…

If you are getting several uninterrupted hours of it, enjoy it. Relish it. Yesterday the wee-bean and I lumbered around all day like zombies as my darling girl was awake from 11:30pm – 3:30am the night before. 

Ugh. It’s a good thing she is flipping cute. :)


Her hair is still a beautiful auburny red which I love. I really really really hope it stays red! It’s so pretty. It is growing SO fast but I refuse to cut it. It’s lovely and mullet-ish right now, and I love her little curls at the back.

In the last month she has started chatting up a storm. She knows Hi, Bye, Mom, Dad, Up, No, All Done, Baby, Hello, Ba ba (bottle), What’s This?, What’s That?, Where’s Dad?, and her most recent acquisition: I Love You. She has also started parroting back things that you say to her, which is hilarious.

She runs everywhere, and we always joke that she has one speed: turbo. She is very high energy and loves to play. She loves to be around people and still has never made strange with a soul. She is our happy little ray of sunshine who makes us smile all day long. She is very easy-going and generally pretty easy to please. She has definitely started asserting herself when things don’t go her way, but her tantrums are very mild and she usually will redirect herself to another activity pretty quickly if we don’t over react.

She is into everything and loves to explore new places. She can now climb up onto our couches unassisted, and yesterday I caught her on top of our shoe rack trying to reach something on the stairs above. She love being outside and most often her tantrums occur when we try and get her to come back inside.

Aside from the occasional bad night, life with Ruby has settled into an easy routine. I know that will all change again, but we are taking things one day at a time and are loving life with our beautiful girl. Sometimes how much I love this tiny person makes me catch my breath, and I can’t imagine life without her. I know she will be an amazing big sister and we are so excited to expand our little family.

We love you, Ruby!

Now stop growing so fast.

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