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Ah, summer. The wedding season.

As the warm weather rolls in, our mailbox usually fills with wedding invitations to fill up our summer weekends. The Hubster and I sat down to look at our summer schedule a little while ago, and we both realized that it was unusually… open. And that’s when it hit me: we have no weddings this summer.

We seem to have hit that point in our marriage when many of our good friends are already married and our wedding announcements have changed into baby announcements. Our opportunities to get dressed up, ogle beautiful wedding decorations and eat far too much cake are steadily declining.

It’s official: we’re old.

It’s hard for me to believe that our own wedding was seven years ago this summer.


It feels like yesterday that my mom and I were sketching out the hall trying to decide how to decorate it. This was before the days of Facebook and Pinterest, so I was limited in the ways I could gather ideas; and as a girl of barely twenty, I had only attended three weddings in my life before my own.

Our decorations were simple and modest, but looking back–I don’t know that I would have changed much anyway. I loved my wedding reception. It was such a lively party that I doubt many people even paid much attention to what was on the tables or walls. I’m sure I would have appreciated having these new websites to spark an idea, but… c’est la vie. We made do with what we had, and man, it was a party. :)

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  • pinkflipflops44

    We got married 5 years agoand yeah, i wouldn’t change much because i hated planning. i just wanted a big ass party, and a big ass party we had! ;) unfortunately, we have 5 weddings this summer.  together we are attending 3, im going solo to one and one we arent making because it across the country on labor day weekend.