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Late Night Trip to the ER*

Oh, lovelies. I am so tired.

I wish I could say that it was because I was out doing something totally awesome today, but in reality it’s just because this pregnancy is kicking my butt today, and we ended up having a really late night last night…

…in the emergency room.

Let me just say: I’m fine. Actually, the trip wasn’t even for me or the wee-bean. We had dinner at our neighbours last night, and after dinner I went downstairs to watch a movie with the girls, and the Hubster went upstairs to play NHL with the boys. At 9pm or so he came down to get ready to go and somehow went over on his ankle on the stairs. To make a long story short, after icing it for a few minutes we realized that something was definitely wrong and decided just to go get it checked out. Thankfully our neighbours are amazing and one came along with me to help the Hubs hobble around and then pushed him in his wheelchair through his x-rays and tests.

So, by midnight last night we learned that he (luckily) hadn’t broken his foot, but he had severely sprained it and likely torn some ligaments. He was given crutches last night, and then today we went out to have him fitted for an air cast.

Now then, you know I am always up for some shoe shopping, but shopping for casts is not as exciting… especially when I knew that my Hubs was in pain. We took it pretty easy today, but I’m just… exhausted. I’m just feeling very… pregnant tonight, and my heartburn is killing me.

So, I know this isn’t much of a post… but it’s about all I have in me tonight. I’m off to help my Hubs hobble into bed–it looks like he’ll be in the cast for a week or two at the very least.

What a pair we make–I’m 9 months pregnant and he’s in a walking cast.

Thank goodness I’m still on holidays. :)

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  • Faith

    I really hated the heartburn. At the end, EVERYTHING made it worse, even water. But having an empty stomach also made it worse, so there was really just no winning. Just lots and lots of Tums. I was regularly taking the maximum amount for the day. Definitely stay away from chocolate, sugar, tomato sauces, caffeine, anything spicy, and peppermint. Even ice cream is sweet enough to ramp things up. You’re better off just having a glass of milk.

    Also, really sorry to hear about the Hubs’ ankle!!! He’s been so busy that I’m sure some time with his feet up will be good for him, but I’m pretty sure it might also drive him (and you!) crazy. Hopefully the time passes quickly for him, and PLEASE let me know if there’s anything we can do for you guys while he’s mending!