Le Bebe*

36 Weeks*

Late, late, late… I cannot even handle how insane this week has been or how quickly it passed. I’ve been meaning to do this all week, and now suddenly it’s Saturday night and I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow. (holy crap!)

How Far Along: 36 Weeks*
Size of Baby: A Crenshaw Melon
Weight Gain: 26 pounds

Movement: Hiccups, hiccups, hiccups. She gets them at least once a day, and this afternoon I felt them so strongly that it actually woke me up from a nap. It’s still pretty cute, they are just definitely getting stronger as she gets bigger!

I can also see my whole belly rolls as she turns and moves now. I’m trying to capture it on video for you… it’s absolutely wild to see. It’s like there’s a cute little alien in there. haha!

Cravings: Milkshakes. I heart them.

Food Aversions: I am so over cooking these days. Basically anything I make for myself is completely unappealing. It’s sad.

Symptoms: My feet are swollen. I was a bit worried about it as it seemed to happen completely overnight, but my midwife assures me that the amount of swelling I have is completely normal. It’s always worse after I get home from work, but I find that if I put my feet up for a while it seems to help.

Heartburn. Lots of heartburn. I’m still okay if I take Tums right before I sleep, but I find that it’s triggered by more foods now. Last night we went out for Indian food and it was sooo good… until the heartburn was sooo bad at 1am that I was basically up all night. Le sigh.

I can definitely feel the baby “dropping”. It feels like there is sudden pressure on my pelvis and bladder for a few seconds, then it disappears. It basically means that she’s moving lower to prepare for birth!

Belly Button Watch: INNY! I’m hoping I’ll make it all the way.

Baby Prep: We’ve been busy little bees this week. My hospital bag is packed, we finally bought (and packed) a diaper bag, and we’ve been busy washing all the blankets and clothes we’ve received. We also transformed our office into an office / nursery, complete with a crib and change station! It actually looks quite cute, and the Hubster doesn’t mind sharing his workspace with the wee-bean until his new downstairs office is ready.

This week we’ve been busy picking up miscellaneous items we still needed for the baby–we bought our crib bedding, a change pad, a robe for me to wear in the hospital, etc. I definitely feel a little more prepared (especially now that we have diapers and wipes) but it still feels like we have a billion things to do.

Contraction Watch: I’m pretty sure that I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction tonight! It didn’t hurt at all, it just felt like my abdominal tightened and I could feel pressure on my pelvis. When I touched my belly it felt rock hard… then it released after about a minute. It definitely makes things feel real!!

Things I’m Thinking About: Three weeks. Holy crap.

Which side of the car should the car seat go on?

My house is a complete disaster. I spent so long organizing today and it still looks like a bomb blew up here. haha! Work was a little crazy this week and I just haven’t been able to keep up on the home front.

The Hubster’s foot is slowly healing. He ended up taking another few days off work, and he’s moving around much better than he was a week ago. We’re both just hoping he’s back to full strength by the time the wee-bean makes her grand arrival.

Only 7 more teaching days and exams… then it’s maternity leave for me!

(Holy crap.)


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  • Jjj

    The carseat should definately go behind the passenger! That way when you are driving the baby by yourself you can still semi see what they are up to and give them a little pat if they need it!

  • Faith

    Safety pros will tell you it should go in the middle, but we put ours behind the passenger seat.. Mostly because Rainer needs his foot room!

  • robin m

    behind the passenger, especially if your hubs is tall. branden could not drive the car when we had it behind him. the rear facing ones take up soooo much room!!

  • Date Girl

    You look darling! Pregnancy suits you. How exciting, you’re almost there! And great job on the pregnancy weight. I hope I will be that lucky!! I worry I’ll balloon like crazy and gain 80 pounds, eep!