Le Bebe*

28 Weeks*

How Far Along: 28 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Chinese Cabbage
Weight Gain: 16 pounds (Still no movement here…)

Movement: She has been dancing like crazy this week! After my big scare last weekend, I’ve been very conscious of her movements and when she is most active. I typically feel her all day long, especially when I shift positions from sitting to standing or laying down. I can feel her most when I lay on my side–it usually feels like she’s river dancing on my belly and it always makes me laugh. The Hubster is starting to be able to feel her on a more regular basis, and this morning she started kicking when he bent down, put his hand on my belly and said good morning.

I am also really starting to see her move from the outside. When I lay still, you can see my belly shake when she turns or kicks. It’s absolutely amazing.

Cravings: Nothing of note this week. I finally satisfied the chicken ball craving and haven’t noticed anything else fun slipping into my mind.

Food Aversions: Nope!

Symptoms: Heartburn came back in full force last night, but thankfully a Tums before I go to bed seems to do the trick and I sleep straight through it. My back is much better–I had another massage on Friday and left feeling better than ever.

Socks and shoes are continuing to be a challenge. I’ve figured out a way to kind of hop into my pants, but I’ve yet to figure out an easy way to get things on my feet… which keep feeling like they are further and further away… haha

I’m also noticing that I lose my breath much more quickly. I have to take stairs a lot slower, and after each activity I do I feel like I need a short break before I can move on to the next.

On a happy note, I’ve yet to see any stretch marks, and my belly button is still an “inny” for the time being.

Baby Prep: After listing it on Kijiji a few times, I finally sold my desk on Saturday. I feel like the nursery prep has officially begun! I have definitely decided that I want a neutral wall colour–I’m looking in the warm white and beige paint families right now. I’d like to accent the walls with frames and shelves rather than go wild with paint or wall decor.

We also finally started our registry. It was really tough… I almost felt bad every time I scanned something, and we ended up only adding a handful of items before we called it a day. I’m going to have another look online and see if I can grow my list there.

Things Iā€™m Thinking About: I am officially in my third trimester. I had another “holy crap” moment this weekend when I realized that at the end of this one there are no more trimesters… instead the wee-bean will be here! I can’t even handle how fast time is flying by.

I had my Glucose test this week, and I’m just waiting to hear the results. I am hoping hoping hoping that it’s negative, as I really, really don’t want to have to take the second test, which is a three hour ordeal that requires you to fast for 12 hours. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also have an appointment to have my Rhogam shot this week. I’m still learning about what this means and am looking forward to talking to my midwife about it at my appointment tomorrow. I did a bit of internet research (bad idea) and scared myself a little bit, but thankfully I have fabulous friends who offered some wise advice and I feel much better about it now.

Lastly, I got my first peek at the labor and delivery wing of the hospital today. I’m hoping to take a tour with the Hubster before baby time arrives, but it looks like a great facility and the little old man who was showing me how to get to where my testing was being done was fabulous.

Only 12 weeks go, lovelies! Holy crap! :)

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  • Faith

    I just remembered that when I did my glucose test my mom was visiting so I “cheated” and used her glucose tester and came up normal and that’s why the wait for results wasn’t agonizing for me! I have to remember to do that again…

    Also, I haven’t done much research on the Rhogam, so I can’t speak to the risks of having it, but I know the risks of not having it, so I did it, and everything was fine.