Book Club*

The Book Club*


Last night we had our monthly book club get together.

Over the past few months we’ve switched from meeting at coffee shops and restaurants to rotating through each others homes and apartments. We originally began in coffee shops as our group was so tiny and I was the only common link between everyone. Desperate to try and build some friendships in my new town, I emailed every girl acquaintance I knew between the ages of 20 – 30 within a 30 km radius of my apartment, hoping that a couple might respond  and be interested in joining a book club.

We started with four, and now–18 months later–we’re up to nine. Nine fabulous women whom I look forward to seeing each month, if we haven’t already made plans to get together in between meetings.

When I first proposed the idea of the book club, a lot of people laughed at me. I realize that not everyone enjoys reading like I do, and I think most people envision a book club being a bunch of stuffy old ladies in long skirts sitting in a parlor discussing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

In truth, it couldn’t be further from the opposite.

Each month we invade someone’s home and potluck some type of food. Sometimes we try and have a “theme” (appetizers, Indian, etc) and sometimes we just bring what we’re craving. We crowd around a table or crash in the living room and usually spend so long catching up with one another that someone has to crack the whip and get us to talk about what we read for a little while.

Sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes it’s two hours.

In any case, we talk and eat and visit for hours… it’s just not always about the book. haha! Usually it’s a glorified girls night, and the book is just the common thread that pulls us all together every month.

We each take turns choosing what we read. We just finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, and we’re moving into Still Alice by Lisa Genova for October, when we’re also going to gorge on a post-thanksgiving feast.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that it all worked out. That I not only got my book club, but also the group of incredible girlfriends I can count on for anything and love to spend time with.

I know it’s only been a day, but I’m already looking forward to next month…

…and I know exactly what I’ll be thankful for. :)


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  • Karen Peterson

    I started a book club with some friends when I was still living in Utah. It makes me happy that the members may have changed, but that club is still going!

    And now a group of us have one going in our Ward. It makes me sad because some people seem to think we’re kind of a clique, but we are the most inclusive group EVER.