Le Bebe*

19 Weeks*

I just realized that my last post was my 18 Week update, and I just want to be clear about something: it is absolutely not my intention to turn this into a baby-mania blog. Obviously now that there is a wee one growing in my belly I will be a little more baby-centered than I have been in the past, but I don’t want to become that person that only talks about baby stuff.

It’s just been a crazy week. I actually had every intention of writing something about 9/11 yesterday, but then… I just didn’t want to go there. It affected me, but not in a personal way like it did for so many others. So, I decided to let others write the tributes for me.

This week was full of thrift shopping, house work and a wedding. I have so much to show you–I found three pairs of fabulous shoes for $20, the dresser is FINALLY finished and my bedroom is organized, and we attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday.

But all in good time, my lovelies. For now, I give you: the belly. (click to enlarge)

(The photo was taken at the wedding we attended on Saturday. Who says you can’t wear 3″ heels when pregnant? Ha)

How Far Along: 19 Weeks*
Size of Baby: Mango
Weight Gain: 7 pounds
Movement: I’m not sure… everyone says it’s hard to tell the first time you feel the baby move, and that it feels more like fluttering or gas than anything else. I’ve felt something, but I’m not convinced it’s le bebe yet.
Cravings: Nada. Except that I still want sushi. All the time.
Food Aversions: Corn on the cob. Weird and depressing, I know.
Symptoms: Round ligament pain. It’s intermittent and never lasts too long, but it hurts like a mother! You that stitch you get in your sides after a hard sprint? It feels a little like that, only it jabs when you move quickly and lasts longer. The baby is apparently going through a big growth spurt and thus my stretching uterus produces this lovely pain.

I didn’t make any baby purchases this week, but we may have found a crib! Our fabulous neighbours down the road just let us know that they have one that we can use! So we’re going to go take a look and see what kind of shape it’s in.

I’ve started easing into maternity clothes. I wore a pair of amazing work pants from the Gap on my first day back last week and they were so comfortable. I’m still a little small and they were a bit big, but the elastic waistband was magical.

Life changing, even.

Other than that, the biggest change is that it’s getting hard to bend over. I have to be very conscious to bend with my knees, even if I’m just reaching down to pick up a sock off the floor. If I move or bend the wrong way my belly lets me know and I have to rethink how I will make the object on the floor get into my hand.

Lastly, this is the big week. The Hubster and I go to meet the midwives on Tuesday evening, then at 3pm on Wednesday we (hopefully) find out if this wee-bean is a boy or girl. I am so excited to find out. Everyone and their mother seems to think it’s a girl, but I am still clueless. We have names we like picked out for either one, and I’d be thrilled either way.

So… do you want me to tell you? Or keep the sex a secret? ;)

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