Yard Sales*

Fabulous Finds: The Dresser*

I love Saturdays in the spring and summer. Wanna know why?


This morning Mom, Spart and I got up (not-so) early and braved a cold, rainy morning to go on our first yard sale adventure of 2011. We piled into the car and headed out with our list.

The first few we found were total busts. I was almost ready to call it quits until we came across a small garage sale that looked like it had a few interesting items. My mom found a cute clock for 50 cents, and Spart found a great little DVD/CD shelf for $5.

And then I saw this:

I loved it the second I saw it. I’ve been looking for a new dresser for our new bedroom, and I didn’t want to get a cheap one as the backing on them never lasts. I currently have a small three drawer dresser, but it’s so crammed and doesn’t hold all my things properly.

So, when I saw this at the yard sale, I fell in love with the detailing and I started dreaming of it painted  glossy white with new handles.

I approached the owner to find out how much they were selling it for, and was shocked when the couple told me that since I loved it so much, it was free.


So, as luck would have it, Doodle had borrowed a truck from a friend today and was able to come and pick it up and help me get it to my parents.

I know it doesn’t look like much now… but just wait until I give it a little TLC!

So excited!!

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