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Zombie Ants*

(Courtesy of: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/253237/thumbs/r-ZOMBIE-CREATING-FUNGI-large570.jpg)

I love nature documentaries and videos.

I realize that this probably makes me a giant nerd, but I can’t help it. I could sit want watch Planet Earth all day long, then spend the evening curled up  watching National Geographic documentaries all night. I find them incredibly interesting, and wonderfully relaxing.

So, when I saw that my friend Jae had posted a short nature clip on her Facebook the other day, I clicked it immediately… and I wasn’t disappointed. You see, there are two types of documentaries that I love most of all: oceans and bugs.

I love documentaries about the ocean and its inhabitants because it’s so… mysterious. There is so much that we don’t yet know, and I find sea creatures to be absolutely fascinating.  Seriously–Giant Squids?

(Courtesy of: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/photogalleries/giant_squid/images/primary/squid1.jpg)

How cool is THAT?

Anyway. I also love watching documentaries about bugs. I wouldn’t put them in the majestic and mysterious category with the ocean, they are more of a creepy and fascinating watch. Also, I am terrified of almost all of them.

…but somehow I love watching videos about them. Weird? I think yes.

So, when I saw that Jae had posted a video about Zombie Ants–my curiosity was peeked, and I was not disappointed. Just watch, my lovelies, just watch.

CRAZY. For more info, read here: New Zombie-Creating Fungi

Can you even handle it? I’m glad those beasts are in the jungle and not in my house.

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