Thrifty Thursdays*

Thrifty Thursdays: Accessories*

Last week I decided to take on a bit of a challenge with my thrift shopping.

Jae, the voice behind How Not to Dress Like a Mom, reposted an article she had written about about breathing some life into a “neutral” wardrobe by adding in little splashes of colour. Most of the examples she used in her post were accessories, and I took a hard look in my closet. It’s apparent to me that my favourite colours are black, white, grey and brown.

…though purple is making quite a bold takeover in my drawers.

I did have a few fun items, but I thought it might be fun to thrift shop for accessories this week and see what I could find to brighten up my closet.

It was a lot harder than I thought. Most people don their bright colors in the warmer months, and as we’re in the middle of winter here, there wasn’t much I could find. I really had to look to get what I did… but it was actually really fun. It was almost like a scavenger hunt, and I did find some wicked things that I LOVE.

I also rummaged through my closet and drawers to see what I had that I wasn’t wearing, and together I put together some color “palates” that I can draw from when I want to add a little splash of color to a neutral outfit. Not everything in the photos is thrifted, but nothing (with the exception of my Guess shoes) cost me more than $10.


I wear black a lot. I can’t help it. I love it. These are some of my favourite accessories that I often grab to dress up an outfit.

Scarf – $7 @ H&M
Necklace – $5 @ Ardene’s
Guess Shoes – $20 @ Goodwill
Zebra Flats – $5 @ Walmart
Bracelets – Gifts


I’m trying to wear more gold tones these days. I’ve worn silver jewelry all my life… though I’m not exactly sure why. As a result I’ve always shied away anything with gold in it, but I’ve been introducing it into my wardrobe in small ways and I really, really like it.

Necklaces – $2 @ Dollar Store in P.E.I.
Purse – $2 @ Salvation Army
Leopard Shoes – $5 @ Walmart
Bangles – $2 @ Value Village
Scarf – Gift


I love the color red, but I’ve always been afraid of it. I’ve always felt like if you’re going to wear red, you have to own it, and I was always afraid that I couldn’t pull it off. Well, enough of that. I’m ready for red. I looked and looked for red shoes, and I actually did see several pairs… but I’m just picky. I have a picture in my head and I won’t settle. haha!

Purse – $4 @ Value Village
Red Scarf – Gift
Red & Gold Scarf – Gift

I have long wanted a red bag, and I was thrilled to find a cute Radley handbag at Value Village this week. My camera totally washed it out, but there is cute button detailing on the front that I adore. It looks like this:

(Courtesy of:

Love it!

Last but least, I wanted to be a little more bold with colour. When I found these shoes I knew I absolutely had to have them.


They are completely unlike anything I own–both in the color and the floral detailing near the heel. They are just so… fun. haha! I can’t wait to wear them!!

Nine West Pumps – $9 @ Salvation Army
Necklace – $3 @ Goodwill
Bracelet – Gift

So there you have it. I had a ton of fun hunting for all these items–both in my closet and in the stores! It probably looks like a lot, but when I sat down and thought about it, I’ve been collecting these items for almost two years, I just hadn’t put them together! I love the idea of adding more color to what I wear, and I’m going to keep my eyes open. I still have to find my red shoes! :)

And just in case you didn’t know–tomorrow is another half price day at Goodwill, and there is a big half price sale happening at Value Village on Monday! Let me know if you find anything exciting!

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