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I would never call myself a “gamer”, but I’ve always kind of liked simple video games.

I’m a monopoly addict on my blackberry, and I went through an obsessive Plants vs. Zombies phase over the Christmas holidays and throughout most of January. The Hubster has an Xbox 360 and has tried to interest me in games for that, but Feeding Frenzy is about the extent of my skill. Using one thumb to look one way, and another thumb to move in another is far too complex for me. It makes my brain hurt, and how on earth is that relaxing?

I like a game where I can run straight across a screen and jump on things to kill them.

Of all the game systems ever made, I’m convinced that Super Nintendo is the best. I spent many long hours fighting over controllers with my siblings when we were younger, and I even brought it with me to university where I had people line-up to play.

Luckily Bo Bandy also had one right across the street. :)

Playing Mario World, Donkey Kong, or NHL takes me right back to my childhood–sitting on the carpet in my jammies on a warm summer evening after a long day of playing outside.

But the best game of all? Mario Kart. Hands down. And if you love that game like I do, you will love this video:

Go-kart racing anyone? :)

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  • Jamie-Lynn

    its funny you posted this, just the other day I was watching the news and they were showing a video of a guy in paris who was doing real life mario kart through the streets of paris, but i am sure you have seen it…and i have to agree, super nintendo is by far the best..

  • Elle Bee

    YES! I love simple video games like these. My boyfriend is a video game superstar but, as someone who never had them growing up, these basic games provide me with hours of entertainment. I also finished Plants vs Zombies over the past couple months – so much fun.