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Shop Girl Goes Hunting*


I’m on the hunt.

Some people hunt animals. Some people hunt for rare treasure.

…I hunt for shoes.

Every so often I find that a beloved pair from my collection is coming close to retirement. It could be from old age, it could be from wear, or it could be from… *gasp* falling out of style.

I absolutely hate when this happens. I love my shoes. All of them. Sure, I play favourites, but all my shoes are family. There is seriously a lot of love here. It’s never fun when a shoe dies.

But I also have a secret: I love hunting.

You see, I’m really not the girl who can walk into a store, point to a shoe and say, “That one works. I’ll take it.”

Oh no.

I have a process. First I need to see all the available possibilities, then I narrow it down to a few favourites that I’ll examine carefully while thoughtfully pondering the wardrobe possibilities. THEN I try it on.

Then I repeat with every store in proximity. haha!

It’s not an easy process, you see. So when I did the summer / winter shoe swap this fall, (yes. I have to display my shoes by season… I can’t fit them all. Don’t judge me. ha) I pulled out my long-loved knee high black boots and realized it was almost time for them to go. When I first saw them eight years ago it was love at first sight–they are fitted without looking like I painted them on, they have a nice 2.5″ heel, a perfect slightly squared toe and best of all–they are so comfortable.

They are also almost completely worn out.

So, in November I began hunting for new boots. I wanted something that I could wear with both dress and casual; something comfortable but with nothing lower than a 2.5″ heel. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Carrie Bradshaw goes out and finds the perfect shoe every day, right?


I’ve looked. And I’ve looked. I think I’ve seen every boot that exists in my city… and just none of them are speaking to me. I’ve looked at straight boots and slouchy boots and pointed toes and round toes and knee-highs and thigh-highs–my boot just isn’t there.

I know it sounds crazy, but I know that I’ll know it when I see it. I bond with my shoes. I heart them, you know.

I still love the look of a straight boot, but I think I’ve decided to go with a semi-slouchy boot this time, if I can find the one I want. This boot is the closest example of what I want that I’ve found, but they really don’t look as nice in person. I’m also mildly interested in this boot, but I also think the buckle and heel is a little too Matrix for me.

And so, the hunt continues. For now I’ve resorted to looking online at shoes I adore but can’t possibly afford… some day I’ll be a famous bajillionaire and I’ll have Carrie’s shoe closet. Just wait.

If any of you are feeling particularly generous and want to buy me either of those boots, I promise I won’t say no. :)

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