My thoughts*

Body Language*

So lately my body and I have started communicating… well, I suppose it would be much more correct to state that lately my body has been communicating more openly with me. I only just started listening.

It’s no secret that I’ve had a lot on the go these past few months. I was also just called as the Young Women’s President for my church (which basically means I get I “oversee” the female half of our youth program) and while I’m very excited about it, it’s also just one more thing to work into my already full schedule.

My mind is constantly processing how to work things into my schedule–“If I do this for this long, that leaves me time to do this and that, then tomorrow I can do THAT.”–but my body isn’t quite in sync, so it decided to speak up.

Two weeks ago I went to the gym. This is something I often do in the morning so it wasn’t out of routine, and I did what I normally do at the gym. Now then. Normally my legs feel a little like jello and whatnot post-gym, but this particular Monday my back decided to voice its opinion of my workout. By Monday night I couldn’t even bend over without feeling excruciating pain.

Message from body: “Slow down.”

My response: “Mmmmkay. I can take it easy for like… a day.”

I let my work know that I had hurt my back and while I couldn’t take time off I was able to reduce the amount of lifting and physical work I normally do. In a day or two I felt fine again.

Fast forward to the next Monday: I am back at work, doing normal workish things. I bend over to grab something and I swear someone jabbed a knife into my lower back. By the end of my shift I could barely walk without pain and I knew I had a problem.

Message from body: “Slow down, woman.”

My response: “FINE.”

I made my heating pad my best friend and further reduced my responsibilities at work. The pain slowly eased to a dull ache and so, after a couple of days I resumed my whirlwind schedule.

By Friday I was zipping through everything I needed to. I worked for a few hours, made dinner and spent a lovely date night with the Hubster watching movies. I’m often exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around, so I didn’t find it particularly odd that I felt so tired… I was just surprised that I couldn’t even stay away through Bones (one of my favourite TV shows). By 10:30pm I had already fallen asleep twice and knew it was time for bed.

I slept late the next morning. Sleeping in for me is usually 8:30am… but it was after 11 before I could drag myself out of bed. I was still exhausted, every inch of my skin ached and I felt light-headed. Showering took every ounce of my energy and it took all I had in me to make it back to my couch. I was tired, sore and had absolutely no appetite. Over the next two days I lost 2.5 pounds just from sheer lack of appetite and I slept at least 10 – 12 hours each day.

Message from body: “Slow the freak down, woman!”

My response: “…ugggggggggh.”

Needless to say, I slowed things down a bit. I spent 48 hours on my futon, watching movies in between naps–allowing time for my body (and my back) to heal. I’ve tried to slow down a bit where I can, and slowly but surely I’ve regained my appetite and strength, and my back is getting better. Now it just feels like I have a big bruise where I hurt it (lower back, right side)–the skin and muscles are tender. (Back experts of the world, what exactly did I do to myself?! Help? haha)

Anyway, I finally started listening: I’m doing too much. Time to cut out the crap.

Dear body,

I hear you. LET ME LIVE!


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