Shop Girl Shares*

Shop Girl Shares Let’s have a cocktail… & U.B.G. Song TWO*

Before I can begin writing this post (which I wasn’t even sure would happen as I am SO TIRED–reducing my thunderous thighs at the gym kills me. haha) I need to tell you all how grateful I am for your continuing words and expressions of support regarding my horrendous job interview experience. I was overwhelmed by the comments I received here, as well as on Facebook and on Twitter (add me!!). Thank you. I keep hearing that I should write a letter to the company and I’m thinking about it. We’ll see. ;)

Anyhoo, it’s Monday, which means I get to share two more fabulous sites with you! HOO HAH! I really do look forward to Mondays ALL week… this summer has been the summer of discovering new, fabulous blogs and my reader thinger is packed full of glorious reads! It’s like Christmas every time I open the site. It’s magical. ♥

Choosing what I’m going to share with you each week is the hardest part–there is SO much good, hilarious and trashy stuff out there that I now have a running folder of things I want to share with you, and I’m uploading the sites I post to my Delicious account each week in case you want to see them all in one place!

Enough of me–on to the good stuff!! WOO!

1. Let’s have a cocktail…

(image found at:

LOVE. That’s really the best way for me to describe my feelings toward this blog. I can’t quite remember how or when I stumbled across it, but has quickly won over my heart and I look forward to reading it every morning! The magic that is Let’s have a cocktail... is written by JennyMac, a “mom, wife, professional, daughter, sister, friend (and fab-u-lous dancer) sharing observations on life and culture”. This blog is charming, witty and downright hilarious. Absolutely check out “Be not my future daughter in law” and “You’re so busted you don’t even know.” Sorry JennyMac, I’m hopelessly addicted.

2. United Breaks Guitars – SONG TWO

(image found at:

A few weeks ago I shared the story of how two United Airlines employees broke the beloved guitar of Dave Caroll, lead singer of the Sons of Maxwell. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, begin with this post and watch the FIRST video (which is fabulous). The situation continues as the now infamous “Ms. Irlweg” continues to decline Dave’s requests that United Airlines pay for the cost of fixing this guitar–which I believe was a whopping $1200. I’m not entirely sure if United Airlines has that much money in the bank… Ms. Irlweg seems to think not. SO. This is the second of three promised videos, and I LOVE it.

I kinda want Ms. Irlweg to be MY best friend. :)

Well lovelies, that’s it for me! I hope you enjoy my finds for this week! See you next Monday–same bat time, same bat channel. Peace out.

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