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I just got back from the strangest job interview I’ve ever been to.

I arrived a little early (just the right amount of early, not crazy I-really-this-this-job-so-give-it-to-me-NOW early) and was greeted by a girl in the hallway who brought me into a room for my interview. I assumed she was some kind of assistant because she wasn’t the same person I handed my resume to and she looked pretty young… but she escorted me to a room with a mini-table and chairs designed for toddlers (you know, the ones that fit ONE of your bum cheeks at a time) and began the interview (as it turns out, she was a teacher at the school). I suppose I’ll have to get used to people younger than I am interviewing me now that I am an old woman of 24, but it wasn’t even really an interview… the interviewer is supposed to ask the interviewee questions, no? I think I answered two in the twenty minutes I was there.

ANYWAY, it was just a preliminary interview and I find out later this week if I come back for a real interview with the big boss. Let’s move on to the real reason you are here today–it’s Shop Girl Shares Day! HOO HAH! I’m SUPER excited to share my finds with you today… one is not so new love of mine, the other is a new find that I am definitely hearting.

#1 – FAIL Blog

(image found at:

If you are ever having a bad day, this website will make your day magical again. I spent entirely too much time on it Saturday night and was laughing in hysterics by the time I forced myself to walk away. The FAIL Blog is a collection photos, videos and articles that “fail” in some way… be it poor word choice, unfortunate accidents, or just stupid people. I swear, there are HOURS of endless entertainment here, people. LOVE it.

(image found at:

#2 – The Search For Happiness

The Search for Happiness is a relatively new blog, but it is quickly winning my heart. The author is an anonymous male chronicling his fabulously hilarious / tragic dating experiences over the years. In his own words, “…I have been on so many crazy and ridiculous dates that I felt that I was doing the world a disservice by not sharing”. Awww, how thoughtful. Seriously though, it’s a good read… check’er out.

That’s it for today, lovelies… enjoy!

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