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I Can, I Can’t, I Will, I Won’t*

I saw this on a few blogs yesterday and I hearted it greatly, so I borrowed it. You can check out a few fabulous similar entries here, here and here.

I can’t…
*stop watching Law & Order SVU.
*go very long without eating. I like to eat every couple of hours.
*touch my toes.
*do a cartwheel.
*go very long without checking my email.
*see anything without my contacts / glasses.
*stay up late anymore… 12am is a laaaate night for me. I AM AN OLD WOMAN. :(

I can…
*limbo like no other. Bring it.
*play piano.
*cook / bake well when I actually take the time and pay close attention.
*sing 90% of the songs on the radio. (The Hubs is constantly amazed that I can memorize lyrics so quickly…it’s my super power, what can I say?)
*bend my big toe and my middle toe together while keeping the rest of my toes still. The Hubs thinks I am an X-man. (*cue theme song*)

I won’t…
*tell you how many seasons of Law & Order SVU I’ve watched in recent days. haha
*eat chocolate until I’ve passed my one-year mark. (I’ve been clean for 10 months! WOO!)
*watch scary movies. When the Hubs and I watched Alien I was so traumatized I made him stay up half the night to watch Bambi immediately after so I could sleep that night. haha

I will…
*keep running at least 3 times a week.
*be able to speak French fluently by this time next year.
*continue to push for a teaching position.
*dance like an idiot if a song I love comes on the radio.

I shouldn’t…
*love shoes as much as I do.
*want to buy shoes. I am poor.
*waste time / procrastinate.
*over think things as much as I do.
*spend so much time reading celebrity gossip… but what can I say, I love the rich and ridiculous!

I should…
*practice piano more than I do.
*drink more water.
*read more.
*take the time to eat healthily.

The end.

Shop Girl*

P.s. The lovely Mrs. Southern Bride left me an award on her fabulous blog! I feel very special. :)

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