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The Hoopitaur*

I have a lot of nicknames.

I could probably devote an entire post to the variety of nicknames I have (everything from Beef to Hoebag), but tonight I am going to focus on a more recent one and the bizarre request I’m attaching to it.

Last week, due to the volume of assignments that I had due, the Hubster and I ended up going to bed quite late each night. One such night, in the wee hours of the morning, the Hubs and I were talking before falling asleep. I don’t know what happens before you fall asleep, but for me, I enter this kind of half asleep – half awake state where everything is hilarious.

Somehow, while reflecting on the day / preparing for tomorrow the Hubster invented a new nickname for me: Hoopitaur.

…now what is a Hoopitaur you ask?

The Hubster started calling me Hoopie a while back and it stuck. It comes from “Hooplah”, which is one of my all-time most favourite words. It’s his little name for me and I have to admit–I love it. It makes me laugh all the time.

The Hubs also plays video games from time to time, and some of which have mythical creatures. Do you remember that old Hercules cartoon? (Click that… seriously) Ol’ Herc had a little sidekick–remember him? Well, he was half man, half horse… called a centaur.

Hoopie + centaur = Hoopitaur.

In his delieriously tired state, the Hubs decided that I would make an excellent centaur, and–in the midst of my dying with laughter–created a whole image and story for me. And thus the Hoopitaur was born. And I love it. It makes me laugh EVERY time I say it. Say it out loud: Hoopitaur (pronounced Hoop-i-tor).


Here is my bizarre request: I know there are creative people out there, and I was wondering if any of you could create a picture of the Hoopitaur for me, based off the description the Hubs gave, which I am about to share with you. Get ready, it’s magical!! (all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)

First things first–me. As I am the “Hoop” in Hoopitaur, this is me:
Second, it needs to be part centaur:Here’s where we get creative… the Hoopitaur is no ordinary centaur as the Hubster decided that I am also part unicorn. So I need to have a pretty horn:I am also a modest Hoopitaur, so I need something to cover myself, sort of like Ariel and her shells:Now, I didn’t want to be a lonely Hoopitaur, so I decided the Hubster would keep me company… in the form of cupid. He sits on my back with his bow and arrow:



I also reside in a magical forest with cute animals, kind of like in Bambi. The Cupid – Hubster will shoot them with his heart shaped arrows and make them fall in love… “twitterpated”, if you will! :)
Lastly, as I am more than just an ordinary horse, my hooves are shaped like hearts, and hearts come out of the ground each time I step down.

So dear readers, THAT is the Hoopitaur. I’ll have to come up for some kind of prize if someone can create or draw the Hoopitaur for me… because I kind of really really want to see it. hahaha!

Thoughts? :)

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