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Teacher Shop Girl is Tiiiiiiiired*

Oh. my. gosh.

I have discovered a whoooooole new kind of tired. I mean, there’s tired, there’s really tired, there’s exhausted, and then there’s what I’m feeling right now. If you slapped my face on that girl up there, it preeeeetty much sums up how I feel right now. haha!

Today was my first day in Grade 7. It’s a class of about 25 kids, and the ratio of girls to boys is pretty even. I went in prepared to have a day similar to my first day in my last placement, where I did a lot of sitting and observing. So, I wore “sitting shoes” (shoes that I hadn’t broken in that weren’t terribly comfortable).

Note to self: wear slippers or running shoes tomorrow.

I think I sat down for maybe… 15 minutes? Now that’s for the whoooooole day, lunch break included. I had forgotten how active and busy Grade 7 is!! I arrived rather early this morning, and from the moment I stepped foot into my class it was go time. The kids in my class will be challenging for me, but they are such a great group of kids. I got a chance to get to know a few of them today, and I am really looking forward to getting to know them better as a group.

Unlike my last placement, my new AT had me assisting her right from the get-go. I was actually able to help some students with their math work (nothing short of a miracle, I assure you…), and I circulated and assisted with other classroom responsibilities. I even did lunch duty! This meant that I was on my feet allllll day, and by the time 4pm hit my feet were ready to fall off. I will be wearing my new comfortable teacher brown shoes tomorrow.

In short, I am ri-donk-ulously tired, but it was a really great day. I am kind of in love with the school I am at–so much so that, based on today, I would consider living in Senior’s City to work there. For anyone that knows me (and my dislike of this town) that’s huge. I may feel differently a few weeks from now, but I was oh, so impressed with today.

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