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If any of you are Facebook users, you have no doubt been tagged in a “25 things” note, or have at least seen your friends completing them. For some reason, this particular note caught fire and the whole world jumped on the bandwagon and tagged all their friends… I myself was tagged by 21 different people. Holy toot.

It became so big that people began commenting on the phenomena outside of Facebook and some excellent work has come forth. I found this fabulous blog entry from a new blog I discovered from the fabulous new site I’ve discovered!! If you enjoy reading blogs, you reeeeally need to take a look at Twenty Something Bloggers. Since I joined the site I’ve found seven new blogs that I’m already semi-obsessed with–but you don’t even need to be a member to browse through the fab blogs that are there. If you are a blogger yourself I would highly recommend joining!

Anyway, I digress. (I looove that word!) I found this fabulous blog entry that you really must read if you are familiar with the 25 things Facebook Phase. It is SO clever.

The Hubster also found this amazing video commentary on the 25 Things thing that I HAD to post. Stef beat me to it and posted it on her blog Between First St. and Anywhere last night, but I couldn’t resist. You’ve really got to see it. haha

Lastly… of course I did the 25 things thing. Would I be a true Facebook (aka Stalkbook) user if I hadn’t? I think not. I didn’t go really deep with it like some of the ones I read, but this is me:

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

1) I have an obsession with hand lotion. I absolutely hate when my hands are dry.

2) I cannot stop listening to Don’t Stop Believin‘ – Journey. This week I have listened to it about 4 or 5 times every day. (turn up your volume and listen: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ip1zsUIosoA)

3) When I eat Lipton’s Chicken Noodle soup I really only eat the noodles.

4) I have not eaten anything chocolate since August 22nd, 2008.

5) I absolutely love teaching, but my real goal in life is to become an author.

6) I have been writing a blog since November 29th, 2006. I have readers all across the globe–from Alaska to Germany, from Barbados to Korea, all over Western Europe, and even a few in New Zealand and Australia. I think that is pretty cool. (http://blog.iheartmyshoes.com)

7) I love to read. Not like, love. I can spend an entire day in a chair with a good book and not move at all. Any good book suggestions?

8) My first concert ever was Johnny Cash.

9) I didn’t get my license until I was almost 19 because I was afraid to drive.

10) I have never had an alcoholic drink. Ever.

11) I have never smoked anything, ever.

12) I have a Bucket List. I have completed six things on it so far in my life. (http://blog.iheartmyshoes.com/2008/06/my-list-update.html)

13) I was once an extra on a Disney Channel kids show.

14) I was 17 when I had my first kiss.

15) I love dance / hip hop / techno music. Anything that makes you want to dance. I love it. (any song suggestions?)

16) I have not been running in nearly two months. (hangs head in shame) I really miss it. I’m going tomorrow. (***This is not true anymore!! YAY for joining a gym!!)

17) I used to be able to play several songs by heart on my piano. I’ve forgotten them all except Imagine – John Lennon.

18) I hate when cupboards or drawers are left open. I have to close them.

19) I was 19 when I got engaged.

20) I have never owned a passport. I have only ever been to Ontario & Quebec, and many of the States. I have always wanted to go to Europe.

21) I don’t know how to dive.

22) I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. I think about it all the time–and about the people all the time–I’m just not good at translating that into action.

23) I have not dyed my hair in almost a year. This is the longest I’ve gone with my natural colour since I was 15. (I’ve been blond, strawberry blond, black, dark brown and red with black underneath)

24) I am allergic to most kinds of soap. I can only use pure white perfume-free non-scented soaps.

25) I attended three high schools and two universities. In the past 7 years I have lived in 5 different cities. I am tired of starting over… I can’t wait to be in one place for a good long time.

The end.

Shop Girl*

P.s. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Yes, you! I use this fabulous little site called Crazy Egg to tell me how many people visit my site each month, and what they click on when they visit! (If you are a blogger you should try it. I loves it!) Anyway, before this past month my highest number of visitors in a 30 day period was 1250. This month you killed it with an amazing 1785 visits!! Thank you SO much for visiting me… I heart you! xo

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