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Nap Time*

(my futon is one of my favourite nap spots… the Hubster took this photo a while back. I like to picture-attack him when he naps so he thought he’d get me back. haha)

I had all these aspirations to write this completely fabulous post today.

…and then I had a nap.

I love napping. Really. Sunday afternoon naps in the sun are my most favourite, but I’ll nap any day really.

I don’t know if I am just totally bizarre, but as much as I love napping, I find it takes me a really long time to recover from them. Today the Hubster and I had a really early dinner as Too Kool was up visiting and he hadn’t really eaten all day. So, by 5:30pm dinner was done and I thought I would lay down with a book and read for a few minutes before lesson planning (which is beginning to consume my life… WOO!).

Wellll… I definitely accomplished the laying down part, but I don’t even think I got the book open. I thought, “Gee, it would be nice to close my eyes for 5 minutes…

…and woke up more than two hours later. Yes, the kids in my class make me that tired. I woke up about an hour and a half ago, but I still have nap-head (in more ways than one). When I wake up from a long nap I always get this bizarre fuzzy brain feeling like my body is awake but my brain isn’t. Bizarre, no? Does this happen to anyone else?? (I also get some awesome hair going on… nap hair is fabulous!)

Anyway, after my nap the entire night was a write-off. haha! I had a long chat with my mom who I discovered has been re-visiting my blog! :) (Hi Mom!) And then the Hubster and I had a lil visit as I hadn’t reeeeally seen him all day. I gave him a kiss and semi-woke him up as I ran out the door to school this morning, and when I arrived home at 4 Too Kool was here and they were doing the whole male bonding thing (they were playing a new game and my bedroom sounded like it was exploding / under fire) so we had a brief “Hi!” “Hi!” and yeeah. I like him. :)

And that brings me to now. I just found out about the Vlog theme day and I am SO disappointed that I didn’t have time to put a video together for you!! I may still do it on the weekend as I kind of love the idea, you can see some awesome examples of the task / theme HERE and HERE.

In other news, I’m trying a new initiative: I’m responding to all your comments! It might take me a day or two to get to them (I’m beginning to forget what “free time” feels like… oh lesson planning, do you ever end?) but if you comment, I will get back to you. Just check back! :)

Well dear readers, I need to go learn how to make a climate graph so I can teach it tomorrow. I just turned on my favourite old school dance songs to kick my butt into gear / unfuzz my brain so I can get some work done. haha!

Shop Girl*

P.s. Only two sleeps until the weekend!!!!!!

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