My New AT*

This morning I went to meet my new Associate Teacher (AT) that I’ll be working with from February – April.

I was less nervous this time having already been through the experience in October when I first met Billy–whose mix of professional and unprofessional attitudes and massive wealth of knowledge about teaching I found to be rather intimidating at first. We ended up getting along splendidly, which made me nervous that because I had such a fabulous AT the first time that I might not be so lucky this time.

However, my practicum adviser loves me and has placed me with another wonderful teacher. I haven’t decided on a code name for her just yet, but she is lovely! I was really nervous when I found out that I was paired up with a female teacher as I have always found it difficult connecting to other women. I’ve been “one of the boys” my entire life. However, this will be a great opportunity for me to do so! I also think that she will challenge me in ways that Billy didn’t, as he gave me absolute free reign in the classroom–which was awesome and helped boost my confidence–but this teacher wants to be more hands on. I think I am going to learn a lot.

Also, the high school I am at looks huuuuge. It’s actually an Intermediate & Secondary school, and I have yet to find out how many students attend there. I swear you could have put my entire first high school AND the building inside this one….mind you, my first school had only 360 kids attending. haha! I am used to a smaller atmosphere though, as my second high school had 500 kids, and my third had 900. This school probably holds like.. a million. Maybe infinity.

Anyway, it was a great meeting! She gave me a schedule for what I’ll be teaching, gave me some great resources and I got to meet my class! I always forget how little grade 7’s are… they looked so cute. She told me her class is quite well-behaved, and from what I observed they look like a really good group. So YAY!

My mission now is to conquer “wikis” and “balanced literacy”. Help? haha

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