The Resolutioner*

Sometimes the Hubster and I like to workout together. He has been teaching me how to play squash as well as use the weight room equipment properly. I get nervous being in the weight room by myself (it’s always full of men and I feel like an idiot.. haha) so I like when he is there.

The other day the Hubster and I decided to go to the gym. We hadn’t been in some time, and so we decided to go after my last class. He had the day off, so he came to campus specifically for this purpose.

I had a few classes before our “gym time”, so I lugged around my gym bag all day until it was time to go. The Hubster came to meet me, and we walked to the gym together. (cute, I know. haha) We walked into the lobby and I glanced down at the squash court sign up sheets to make sure a court was free, and then I moved over to the cardio sign up sheets, which are normally nearly blank. I had been many times during the fall months, and most days I was alone or with one or two people in the room.


The sheet was a WALL of blue scribbles. Every cardio machine was booked for like… ever. Eternity. As I stared in absolute bewilderment at the sheet, I looked up at the desk attendant in confusion, wondering if some kind of bus had dropped off all of Senior’s City at the gym that afternoon and I had somehow missed the memo.

The attendant smiled at me sympathetically and said,

“Sorry… it’s January.”

January. New Years’ resolutions. January + resolutions = resolutioners. Annnnnnnd it all made sense. Now what is a resolutioner, you ask? Well, as a recovering resolutioner myself, let me enlighten you. A resolutioner is someone who makes huge lists of big goals for the coming year on New Year’s Eve. Often one or more of these goals are connected to health and fitness, which is why you see a huuuuuge influx of gym-goers in those first three weeks of January. (Last year I only made it to week two)

The problem with resolutioners of this variety is that the huge resolutions they make often don’t stick. I used to make lists and lists of New Year’s resolutions, think about them for a week, and then completely forget them. The “Resolutions” I listed here this year were goals that I was already working on and want to continue to work on. I would LOVE to hear some success stories about New Year’s resolutions, but in my own experience they don’t work. If you really want to change something in your life, you shouldn’t need to wait until December 31st to do it. Don’t make a resolution, make a goal–make a change.

Anyway, I digress. After seeing the cardio sheet I realized that running was not going to be in the cards for that particular day, but that the Hubs and I could still have a good game of squash. So we asked the attendant for locks (standard procedure at this gym), and he sheepishly told me that he had none.


I didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about, so I asked him to repeat his answer:

“I’m sorry… I don’t have any locks. You are welcome to wait out here for a lock to become free–as that gentleman over there is doing–but we are completely out.
…It’s January. *sigh*”

A wait list? For gym locks?

We decided not to stay, as he could offer us no concrete idea of how long it would be before locks would become available.

Since then I have been been terrible and not going to the gym. I plan to go on Saturday and see what the Resolutioner – Regular ratio is now that we’re two weeks into the new year. I’ll let you know if I am even able to get in or not. haha!

On that note–if you have made a goal for the year, all the power to you! But stick to it! And make sure that you are doing whatever it is you are doing because you want to and are ready to make that change, not simply because it’s that time of year. Best of luck!

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