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The Purple Parka Pandemic*

If you have an awesome purple winter jacket, then I apologize in advance for what I am about to write. I am not prejudiced against purple jackets, I promise. It’s really also not a pandemic, I just liked the alliteration. haha!

I ride the bus. A lot. It’s how I get from A to B. And as I’ve been riding the bus over the past several weeks I have noticed something peculiar… for some unknown reason (maybe I missed the memo) there seems to be an influx of purple winter jackets–purple parkas, if you will (I love alliteration!).

Now let me be clear–I have nothing against the colour purple. It was actually one of the best books I read this summer… HA! Man, I’m funny. Anyway, I digress. I have nothing against purple, but it’s definitely not my favourite colour. I have auburn hair, and it’s just doesn’t go with.. well, me. haha!

So, as I’ve been out and about my eyes have been overwhelmed by these jackets. And I’m not talking about the purple jackets you see in stores today, the ones I have seen resemble one of the two following photos:(I had to go to ebay to find just the right photos).

Anyway, was these jackets are primarily worn by the senior population of Senior’s City (which is most of it–HA) and are EVERYWHERE this year. Was there a big purple parka sale that I missed? Or was there a purple parka push a few years ago that I didn’t hear about? These jackets don’t look new…

I just don’t know where they all came from this year! For example, if I get on my bus , 4 out of 5 women on the bus will be wearing a purple parka that resembles one of the two photos shown above. Frankly, it boggles me.

Is it this year’s “fad”?

Purple parkas are taking over the city. Watch out.

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