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Holy mother of pearl.

The Hubster and I got home from our Christmas vacation / traveling to see our families this afternoon, and since we walked in the door until now I have been cleaning non-stop. I haven’t even had time to read my lovely little Amish books. *sigh*

Christmas was a little, well, bigger for us this year as the Hubster and I did a lot of shopping. As he is beginning to apply for full-time jobs in a few weeks, and I start teaching every day for 10 weeks in February, we both decided it was time to trade in our jeans for some professional wear. We went to Sears for the Hubster and he got absolutely stupid deals (this is a good thing) and walked away with amazing clothes. For example, he got beautiful Rockport suit shoes for $80 (half off), Ralph Lauren pants at half off, a ton of fabulous ties, belts, more shoes, socks, shirts and so much more at RIDICULOUS prices!! All the boxing week sales started a week before Christmas and so we shopped until we dropped!!

I love long sleeved shirts for teaching. They are so so comfortable, and keep me at just the right temperature in the classroom. Until last week I only had 3 or 4, in a couple of colours… and then I went to Old Navy! The Old Navy in B Town had all their shirts down to $6 (from $20) and I pretty much bought out the store and took one in every colour! haha! It was exactly what I had hoped to find in our boxing day adventures, only at half the price I expected to pay! I was so so so excited and I LOVE them!! I’m not sure if it was only the B Town store that had them marked down so low, as I went to a couple of different locations in the City this week and they were more expensive. So I am very happy.

I was also extremely happy to find 4 new pairs of dress pants that fit me (some of my old ones were too big now that I’ve lost weight) for $15 each!! They aren’t brand name or anything, but I don’t care. I’ll probably muck them up in the classroom anyway, so it was perfect!

Anyway, we did well with our shopping… but then when we put it all in the car to come home, with our bags and gifts, we realized that we had waaaaaaay too much stuff. So, when we got home today, I followed my mother-in-law’s lead and started cleaning up and cleaning out. We left all out bags and purchases in the living room (it looked like a bomb went off) and I attacked my dresser and closet. I decided to be utterly ruthless with my clothes and shoes and managed to fill 2 bags of clothes to get rid of, as well as one bag of sandals and shoes. It always makes me sad to say goodbye to my shoes… but it was time. (besides… now I have room for new ones!! YAY!! I’m on a hunt for new teacher shoes and new knee-high black boots. I’ll keep you posted!)

I also got the Hubster to go through his things as well and he also came up with a bag of clothes and a bag of shoes to give away, all of which I’m freecycling! If you haven’t yet heard of this organization I insist that you check it out. So now we have bags and bags of clothes and shoes in our hallway that I’m waiting for people to pick up but I feel SO good to have it gone! Our new things fit well in our room, and we have some extra space! I’m already terrified about our impending move this spring and all the packing it will entail… but I’ll fret about that later.

Anyway, it’s been a long day of cleaning… and I’m right tuckered out. Unfortunately our living room is still disasterous as I did laundry and have clothes drying everywhere, but I’ll get those away tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have something that resembles an apartment in the near future! haha!

Tomorrow we are heading back to the mall to exchange a tie the Hubster bought and to hopefully find me some new “teacher” shoes. I had these wonderful old leather black shoes that I loved and wore all last semester… but they died over Christmas. (RIP) So, it’s off to the shoe store to see what I can find!!

Hope your day was a little less hectic than mine. :)

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