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I haven’t been writing…

…because I have been reading! Non-stop. I have not been this addicted to a series since my Pillars of the Earth spree a while back. My mother-in-law surprised me with a massive bag of books to read when we visited at Christmas! Over the past several weeks she has delved into and become addicted to reading novels about Amish communities.

I have to admit–when she told me she had a bag of “Amish” books for me to read I wasn’t overly thrilled to crack them open. But as the Hubster’s house is much quieter than my family’s, (and as I flew through the two Shopaholic books I had brought in one day… oops), I found myself looking for some reading material late one night and decided to give it a go.

Three hours later (at nearly 2am) I was HOOKED. Oh my gosh. SO good!!!! I’m currently reading a series by Beverly Lewis called Abram’s Daughters, and it tells the story of a family over the years and the joys and struggles they endure through life. I am also learning so much… before I started reading I knew nothing about the Amish religion and culture, aside from what I’d heard through Weird Al Yankovich’s “Amish Paradise” (click here to view).

I am currently on book 4 of 5, and I have laughed, bawled my eyes out, and have been absolutely unable to stop reading. I have read at least a book a day. If you are looking for something to read, I highly, highly recommend these.

Screw Twilight (which I haven’t read, yet)–bring on the Amish!

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