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I broke my promise.

I told you I’d update another chapter of Our Story* on Sunday, and here it is, Thursday afternoon, and I’m just finding the time to post now… and sadly, I’m not writing another chapter just yet.

I’ve really been wrestling with “security issues” surrounding my little blog since I started school this year. As I’m entering the field of teaching I need to be very, very careful about what information about me is available on the internet. And while I know this is “anonymous”, I do like to post photos from time to time and anyone that knows me could probably see through my little cover.

So, I’m a little at a loss. I love my blog. I love writing in it, and I love that you enjoy reading it. But I’m wondering if it’s time to tighten things up a bit. So, I’m going to be honest–I’m toying with the idea of closing my blog to the “general public”. Instead, if you would like to continue to reading I would invite you to become a reader through email and then I would have some idea of who my readers are.

Mind you, I’m just thinking about it right now, and I wanted to know your thoughts. Please be honest. If you’d like to elaborate on your answer please feel free to do so in a comment to this post and it’s totally ok to remain anonymous.

Would you be ok with this?
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