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Five More Days of Freedom*

I am sad to announce that my 4-year spree of never having a class on a Friday has finally come to an end.

Yes folks, I (finally) received my school schedule and I will have not one, but TWO classes on Fridays. That means 4 hours of learning. On a Friday. It just doesn’t seem right… haha

However, I am happy to announce that instead I somehow managed to get Mondays AND Tuesdays off! WAHOO! So I’m not terribly devastated about the whole class-on-Friday bit.

It all seems a little more real now… I am ACTUALLY beginning Teacher’s College on Monday. That’s kind of exciting. I can’t wait to be done!!

I also had a question… I haven’t posted a new chapter for Our Story* in some time. Should I continue? Or simply skip to the end and tell you all about our wedding day? You are the ones reading about it… what do you think?

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