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I Have a Big Bum*

It’s true.

I got all the bum for everyone in our family. Doodle, Peeah, Spart, Choppy and Teep all have small bums. And me? Well, I’ve got some junk in the trunk.

I don’t mind it all that much to be honest. Peeah often has a harder time buying jeans because she has no bum to hold them on. I don’t have that problem. haha! Our waist size is very similar so we can swap clothes, but because of my large bum I often prefer a size bigger. I’m not into the “I-just-painted-my-pants-on” look.

However, it is always exciting when I can try on a pair of her pants and have them fit. She’s smaller than me, so when they fit comfortably it means I’ve done something good. As you know I’ve been running a little bit and adjusting my diet. I hadn’t really seen any results as I haven’t really lost much weight, but apparently I’ve lost some inches in my thighs / bum area… today I tried on a pair of capris that Peeah had given me a couple of years ago. I haven’t fit into them in about 2 years. Today, I fit. Even with my big bum. :)


I also went for a run on the track again today. I’m trying to increase what I do each time I go. Today I did 5 laps. I ran 2.5 and I Oprah-walked 2.5. I actually felt okay and could have done more but it started to rain. So we’ll see what I can do tomorrow!

I like fitting into my skinny capris. :)

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