Back on Track*

I’ve been lazy.

Since I started working a couple of weeks ago I’ve used it as an excuse not to exercise. Well, after being inspired by an entry in a friend’s blog about her perseverance towards her weight loss goal (and her revelation that she’s lost 20 pounds!!) and a further kick in my pants in the form of an email of one of my readers, I kicked my butt into gear and went for a run today. I normally run though the residential neighborhoods nearby, but today I decided to run on a high school track that’s not far from where I am. I find it’s easier to monitor my distance and I looove that it’s flat, even and monotonous. I can lose myself in my running and my music which is when I exercise best.

Also, it’s time to give up another unhealthy food and replace it with better options.

Last week I said goodbye to:
1. Dessert
2. Pop
3. Chips
4. Candy

This week I’ll be cutting out:
1. French fries (pretty much my favourite unhealthy food ever)
2. Junk food after 8pm. I’m bad for eating late at night.

I actually didn’t do too badly with my foods from last week… I stopped myself from buying chips and bought kiwis instead. I’ve also discovered these wonderful little snack packs that are less than 100 calories per bag! They range from chocolate chip cookies to little crispy cinnamon things. YUM.

If you want to do this new “get healthy” regime with me, let me know! :)

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