Exciting News*

Book Club*

I’ve started a book club.

Lilac Dreamer and I were chatting about our mutual love of reading, and having personally seen the Jane Austen Book Club recently and LOVING it, it dawned on me: we need one. So, after careful discussion, Lilac Dreamer discussed several name possibilities and came up with: Book Club. We are creative geniuses. :)

We decided we wanted to try and keep it small, and so far have found 4 more fellow book-lovers to join us, two of which are on my list of favourite bloggers: Soaking up the Sun (aka K*) and Grey Eyed Girl. I’m excited for our fabulous discussions.

Here’s how it’s going to work: we’re going to take turns choosing books, and meet biweekly to discuss them. We’ll meet at each other’s homes or at cafes, and naturally, excellent food will be involved. Really, you can’t properly discuss without nourishment, can you? I think not.

So here is my question for you: I’m hoping to compile a list of excellent books. A wide variety of books… everything from Anne of Green Gables to A Million Little Pieces. What would you recommend? What are your favourite books? What should we read? I want it all.

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P.s. If you are in the Senior’s City area for the summer and would be interested in joining our Book Club, let me know. :)

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