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The Hubster’s Super Secret Bathroom*

Remember my Secret Bathroom confession? Well, as it turns out, for a time, the Hubster also had one of his own.

The Hubster is a super student. Since we got married nearly three years ago he has not had more thank a 2 week break from his classes as he studies year-round. Because he is a joint arts (business) and science (computer science) major, he requires extra credits to complete his degree, thus requiring the summer classes. He actually prefers the campus in the summer as the weather is nice, it’s much less crowded and the classes are generally much smaller.

However, perhaps the best aspect of summer school is the library. In the summer, Hippie U’s library becomes like a REAL university library that has lots of space for studying, and most of all–it’s QUIET. Because Hippie U is lacking in student social spaces, during the school year many people “hang out” in the library creating an atmosphere that is less than ideal for those that are there to actually benefit from the library itself.

Anyway, I digress. As he’s taking an intensive calculus class right now, he often leaves several hours before the start of his class so that he can take advantage of the quiet library and force himself to work. He loves working on the top floor, which is also where I had my office this year.

In my Secret Bathroom post I told you all about the wonderfully secret rest rooms located on this floor. They truly are… magical. As he is working up there so often now, he found one of his own. It too was hidden away, and he was immediately impressed by its large size, cleanliness and privacy. As far as secret bathrooms go, it was up there with the best.

As he continued to use the bathroom over a period of a couple of weeks he found a few things about the bathroom to be a little strange. He first pondered momentarily over the reason why this particular bathroom didn’t have any urinals and instead had several private stalls. He was next curious about the presence of what appeared to be a tampon dispenser on the wall.

However, despite these curiosities, he continued to enjoy his secret bathroom until one day, while using said secret bathroom, another person entered and sat in the stall next to him. Taken aback by volume at which this person peed, he glanced at the floor of the stall next to him…

…and saw women’s shoes. At that moment, it all made sense–no urinals, tampon dispenser, and lastly, female shoes = women’s bathroom. He quickly attempted to shove his size 12 men’s Adidas shoes to the opposite side of the stall to hide them and waited until the super pee-er left the bathroom before making a sly exit.

Yes, my dear readers… the Hubster and I found the SAME secret bathroom!!!! hahaha!!! The door is unmarked, and the signs leading to it and its male counterpart are terrible. They send you in a general direction with no specifics and make you guess which is which as there are no signs on the doors. So his love affair with his secret bathroom had to come to an abrupt end…

…parting is such sweet sorrow. *sigh*

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