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I Digg Digsby*

So. I’ve discovered new things and I want to share. :)

Let’s start with Facebook. As you may or may not know, I created a facebook “fan page” for my blog a while back. I have since created a facebook account under the name “Shop Girll” as there is more I can do with it, and it’s easier to send out updates!! I would looove it if you would add me!! I love friends, don’t be shy!

While on the subject of Facebook, those of you that use it should be familiar with its newest feature, “Facebook chat”. I enjoy the concept, but having the little message boxes attached to your screen is really annoying. And I find it hard to read. So, the Hubster introduced me to Digsby! Once it is downloaded (it’s really easy) it can connect into the various chat programs you may use–I frequently use Google Chat, Facebook & MSN–and consolidates it into ONE list. AND, you can chat through facebook without actually being ON facebook. I swear, it changed my life. haha!

You also may have noticed the little yellow boxes that now appear beside my blog posts. The Hubster, being the technological wonderman that he is, also introduced me to, which I LOOOOOOOVE. Imagine thousands of interesting articles, videos and photographs all going to ONE place for your reading pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, this place exists! And it’s Digg! Just go. Click on the link and explore. My words cannot do it justice. Once you have made an account (which you will because it’s free and WAY cool), look me up & add me! My username is ShopGirll. Also, if you particularly like once of my posts, you can click on those yellow boxes on my page and it will submit it to the site to be shared with other Digg-ers. Ya digg it?

So these are my new discoveries. I hope you take a look– they are pretty cool. Life changing even. Now I’m going back to read more of one of the BEST books I have ever read. I cannot put it down. I’ll write about it once I finish. :)

Shop Girl*

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