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Today was a pretty special day. My grandmother has been a member of my church for many years, but my grandfather has always chosen to live a different lifestyle. However, over the past several months he made some big life changes and today decided to be baptized into my church. It was amazing… and almost my WHOLE family was there. My dad is one of 8 siblings, and all but one came. My Gumpo looked so happy… and all in all it was pretty much an awesome day.

My whole immediate family was there as well–my parents, all 6 of us kids, plus the Hubster and Fireman. Because we no longer have the vanimal, we needed to take 3 cars to get there. On the way home Mom, Dad and Doodle traveled together; Peeah, Fireman and Teep rode home together, and then Spart, Choppy, Hubster and I came together. We left first, but Fireman’s car quickly caught up with us and we were ‘racing’ on the highway. (By racing I mean playing catch up so that we were riding side by side on the road)

They passed us first without realizing that it was us as we were stopped for gas. We quickly caught up, drove by while waving like idiots.

They tried to catch up, but Spart is a speed demon and stayed ahead until we saw Peeah waving us back and signaling that she wanted to show us something. So, we slowed down and let them catch up…

…and then we saw Teep’s naked bum in the window. haha

After we stopped laughing (and being scarred for life) we decided we needed to play back. So, we sped up, and the Hubster rolled down his window and mooned not only their car, but also the rest of the highway. hahaha!!

I don’t think I have laughed that hard in AGES. No one in our car or theirs expected the Hubs to do it, so the looks on their faces were PRICELESS. haha I love my man!!!

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