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As blogging fever seems to have hit others I know as well as myself, I thought I’d share some of the neat gizmos and sites that I’ve recently found! In the past 2 months my visitor traffic has increased dramatically since using some of them, so feel free to pick and choose what you’d like! If you have any good sites to recommend to me, please do! I’m also always looking for new blogs to read, so please feel free to leave me a link and I’d love to take a look. :)

If you are looking for new blogs to read that are updated regularly, I would highly recommend this site. There are thousands listed by category and you can join different neighborhoods of bloggers! If you do take a look and decide to join, please join my neighborhood and I’ll join yours! Here is my link:

Again, BlogCatelog is a similar type of site with lots of great blogs. I’ve found a couple of blogs that I now love and read regularly through this site, and it’s to bring some new people to me! :)
This is my profile:

This site is kind of cool… once you submit your blog they will take a look and review what you have and give you a rating! You then go into their directory and can take a look at blogs of a similar rating as yours! This is my review/page:

Who’s Amung Us?
On my right sidebar you’ll see a little black box with a red circle & a man. This is probably FAVOURITE addition to my blog. That little box tells me how many people are currently browsing my site, and when I click it I can see see a map of where in the world they are! It doesn’t provide me with anything terribly personal, just general regions and countries, but it’s pretty cool! I also just found today that there is a firefox add-on for it, so I can see how many people are on my site without even logging on. Pretty neat, huh?

Beneath the black box with the man is another bigger box under the heading “Increase Traffic”. If you click on the box itself (not the links) you can add one to your own profile! This is great for increasing traffic to your site! If you add it, titles of your blogs will appear where the links you currently see are, on other blogs! So it’ll bring you all kinds of new people! I really like it!

Anyway, those are just a few neat things that I’ve found and thought I’d share. Enjoy!!

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