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Busy as a Little Bee*

It has certainly been a busy couple of days. Today was rather insane actually.

I woke up at 6am because I couldn’t sleep anymore hoping that I would hear from my #1 choice for teacher’s college. Nothing has shown up on the screen and I have received nothing in the mail. I’m kind of freaking out because I heard that if the box next to the university is blank then that means that you didn’t get in. Any clarifications here? My box is blank. :( I’m not going to dwell on it TOO much until I have the letter in the mail, but I don’t think it’s a great sign…

I then went to teach this morning. It was fun.. nothing too strenuous.

I had to rush from there to the university to run some errands, eat lunch and hand in the paper.

After being there for an hour I had to change quickly and head to the church to meet the Hubs for a funeral. An elderly man that the Hubster and I quite liked passed away on Monday and they held the service today. The service was really beautiful… it wasn’t overly sad or upsetting… it really was a celebration of his life. I was a bit upset as it was the first funeral I have been to since my Gumpo’s and it really reminded me of his, but I kept it together. :)

I left as soon as it was over and went to work at the library straight from the church. I was there until 6 when my day was finally over. I came home, slipped into my jammies, made a sandwich (I was too tired to make anything else) and collapsed on the couch with the Hubster.

I am one tired Shop Girl.

Tomorrow will be equally busy… I teach in the morning, then have to run home, shower & get ready for a job interview at 3 then have a grad dinner that evening. I cannot wait for things to slow down a bit.. I can’t keep up! haha

Thankfully the weather was beautiful today and it helped keep me energized. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think winter is finally over. I didn’t even button my coat today. How exciting is that?!?!

Shop Girl*

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