Grad Dinner*

I finally feel like a university graduate. I haven’t felt anything different until last night when it finally hit me that it’s all ending. And I am a little sad, but mostly excited. :)

Last night was our college’s graduation dinner. It was nice, but small– for some reason half the graduates didn’t want to come to the dinner this year. However, this only made it more intimate and it was largely my group of friends there.

We all came looking fabulous, and I spent the night with Dee. Even though she’s technically not graduating because she’s staying another year, I’m so glad she came because she’s one of us.
The food was pretty good… but actually, it was AFTER dinner that was my favourite part. We watched this awesome slide show of all our memories and and then there were some beautiful toasts. Some were really funny and some were sad… but all in all it really captured how I felt last night. François gave a beautiful farewell to us all… and then, it was over. We took some pictures, everyone cried and there was lots of hugging.

And now it’s almost done. I have one more essay and 2 exams until I am a free woman. SO CLOSE. After it was all finished last night we climbed on a bus–which happened to be my favourite part of the evening. Most of my friends and I got on together, and most of them had dipped into the wine at dinner and were feeling… bubbly? haha! So at the back of the city bus they started to sing songs– we started out with Final Countdown, moved on to Leaving on a Jet Plane, and even threw in a little Hakuna Matata for fun. As we were singing our hearts out, the people at the front of the bus (that we didn’t know) started laughing and even moving to the back of the bus so that they could join in. By the time we reached the terminal 3 quarters of the people on the bus were singing at the top of their lungs. It was amazing!!! haha

They all went out to a bar, and I came home to my Hubs. I should probably tell you that I also did not get into the Teacher’s College here in town, so Shop Girl will be on the move come August. I find it rather ironic that I’m moving from one river city to another… *sigh* So yes, the Hubster and I will be living apart for 9 months. We haven’t quite figured out the logistics yet, but when we do I’ll keep you updated! I was a little disappointed yesterday afternoon… and the thought of being away from the Hubster is breaking my heart, but I know now that I’m really fortunate to have gotten in somewhere. I talked to 6 different people last night and not one of them got in ANYWHERE, and some of them applied to 5 or 6 schools. So, we’ll simply make the best of it. :)

Well, here are a few pictures from last night… enjoy!!

Our interesting salad..

A few of the graduates…

Dee, François and I

WP & I

Me ‘n’ my favourite Italian Sister-Brother Duo

Shoe shot (for Veggie Carrie!! ahah)

Shop Girl*

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