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I think it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything to do with shoes, so I thought I’d give you all a little treat this morning. I really don’t think people realize how important socks are to the whole shoe experience. So…. let me enlighten you.

1) I love sandals. I pretty much think that they are the best type of shoe ever. I try and get as much wear out of them as possible… I generally start wearing them in May and try and push through until October until I am forced to start wearing socks again. I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to share my love for sandals and like to wear them as long as possible as the seasons start to change. I’ve also noticed that to extend sandal season some people like to wear their sandals… with socks. *shudder* I know. So wrong. We get it a lot here in Senior’s City* as we have quite a large …hippie… population– you know, the burlap sweater things, the knitted caps with strings, long johns under shorts, dreadlocks and… socks ‘n’ Birkenstocks, or my short form, socks ‘n’ ‘stocks. This is absolutely not ok. I am of the understanding that if it is cold enough to warrant wearing those massive grey woolen socks with the red toes then it is certainly cold enough to put your feet into shoes. Yes? Yes. It does happen on other occasions as well– people who don’t like showing their feet often just wear socks in their sandals. But there are clever new closed two sandaly inventions that can help you get over this and take of the socks!! Sandals are for bare feet. Not socks.

2) Black pants. Black shoes. White socks. Can you tell me which of those don’t belong? haha!! I like to match. I am a matcher. I believe that pants should blend into your feet. For example, when wearing black pants and nice black shoes (or any black shoes for that matter), black socks are most appropriate. In an absolute pinch black sport socks will do, but nice pants + nice shoes should include equally nice socks. Brown pants can be a little more tricky as there are hundreds of shades of brown, and it’s completely ok to wear tan pants with a dark brown shoe. But which do you match? This one can go either way! WOO! Some people prefer to match their socks to their pants in this case (tan socks, dark shoes) and this can be okay. Matching the socks to the shoes is also ok. But again, blllllllllllllend the colours. No white socks. White socks are for running shoes or white shoes.

3) Running shoes. Here lies another large dilemma. What socks do I wear?????? Running shoes can come in a variety of colours, so which socks should you wear? Personally, unless the shoes are completely black, ALWAYS go with white ankle socks. No thigh-highs, knee-highs, or calve-highs. Ankle socks are where it’s at, baby. At no time ever ever ever should one think that it is ok to wear tall black socks with white running shoes (commonly seen on cute old men… haha).

So you see, there is SO much more to socks than people generally think about it. As a shoe-noticer/enthusiast (haha) a perfectly wonderful pair of shoes can be ruined by poor sock choice. Good pants + good shoes + good socks = someone you know takes care of themselves and cares about their appearance. Watch for it. Next time you see someone, check out their shoes + socks. haha

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