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So today was pretty awesome. Except for about an hour when I thought I would die from an upset stomach, I loved it. Twin picked me up around 11, then she and I met up with [K], Vibes (and her little sister + friend) and went out to spend a few hours at Twin’s parents house on the lake! For starters, the house is AMAZING. It’s huge, and just absolutely beautiful. Aside from the fabulous walk-in closet, the best part was the little loft in her parent’s bedroom. There’s a ladder that leads up to this little reading nook tucked away. I think that if I owned that that I would never come down. haha

Anyway, so unfortunately the weather cooled down from earlier in the week and it wasn’t really warm enough to go swimming–I’m a suck and need it to be like 35 degrees before my bum hits the water. haha! But we all sat around on the dock and talked.. it was awesome. I forgot how nice it is just to go out with the girls.. as sad as that sounds. hahaha oh well, I’m so glad I met some fun people this summer.

It kinda looked like rain so we went inside and played on Twin’s Wii. It was my first time ever on one and it was hilarious! Apparently my virtual bowling skills are lacking though as Vibes proved by beating the pants off me. Twin, K and I went out for lunch after, then I came home, showered, and had such a good nap. However, I woke up and wanted to die I felt so sick. I don’t know if something I ate bothered me, but for about an hour I wanted to pull my stomach out. Thankfully I keep a handy supply of Gravol near me. haha!

I spent tonight gloriously procrastinating my essay. I’m so done with school. I need a break… 2 more weeks baby and I am SO done…

…but only for a month. :(

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