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Ah. I can’t make myself do this essay. I’m currently at 93 words and have a lonnnnnnng way to go. Actually, not really that long. It only needs to be between 2000 – 2500 which is pretty short considering it’s a third year research paper. And really, once I can decide on a definite thesis, it’ll probably only take me 3-4 hours to write. But that’s where I have the most trouble–page one. I hate forming a thesis and writing an introduction. It’s really not my strong point. I’m writing about the origins of British railway, so it’s actually a cool topics (I love trains), but I just can’t get it started. *sigh*

I actually wrote that first paragraph at 1pm. It is now 9:18pm. Have I progressed any further in my paper? Non. Welllll… that’s not entirely true. Spart graciously lent me her brain for a half hour and we put together my thesis. So at least I have some direction now.

BUT, the hubs and I had a fun day! We played some xbox (I can play the old Sega Sonic game on there!! It’s awwwwwwesome) and went out for a while! We went for dinner at Subway, then walked to Walmart to pick up a few things! I also picked out what I think will be my new desk. I am long overdue. The desk I am using now was an old one from the hub’s basement at his parents house, and it wobbles every time I type everything, not to mention that there is NO space on it whatsoever. The new desk is so lovely. I’m rather excited. :)

Anyway, I think perhaps I will actually write something for my paper now. WOOOOOOO.

…or not. :)

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