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R.I.P. Legs*

I am proud of myself.

Today the hubs and I biked 15 kilometers. That might not sound like so much, but for my little out off shape body it’s a lot. I swear I have an old man that lives inside me and prevents me from being in shape. hahaha Annnnnnnyway, my legs want to die, but I’m really proud of myself. I even weighed myself when I got home and this week I lost 2 pounds! I’m pretty sure that I sweat most of it off biking in 35 degree weather, but I don’t care. That made my day.

We woke up semi-early, made breakfast, then set out on our trip! We went up to the university and ran some errands, then biked home a different way. It was soooo hot out. I don’t even think I’ve posted a picture of my new bike yet!! I call it Blue Thunder after my thighs (which the bike is going to help tone) which I call my Big Thunders. Anyway, I rode Blue Thunder on the way there, then the hubs wanted to try riding it so we switched bikes and I rode his 1000 dollar super-bike home and he rode mine. haha! I had a “blow out” on the way home… and I was more worried that I’d broken the hubs’ super bike, but I only had a few scratches and the bike was fine. So we made it home and I collapsed on the couch, but THEN the hubs and I decided to go out for dinner and walked downtown which was another hour walk.

So now my little legs are officially dead. I’m already afraid for tomorrow when I’ll really start feeling it… BUT, you know what? It’s kind of nice. I haven’t worked my legs like that in a lonnnnnng time. And dang, it feels good.

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