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This week I have been so… uninspired to write. Perhaps it’s because there hasn’t been anything terribly exciting going on in my life–now that summer is in full swing everyone I know has gone home for the summer, so it’s just the hubs and I! And the hubs leaves for work at the university after lunch, and is gone until around 10pm every evening. So all of a sudden, I find I have all this free time on my hands. I went a little crazy the first week or so… but now I’m actually finding that I enjoy some time on my own. I’m doing my homework, going for walks, and just having some ‘me’ time. So… what do I do?

1. Work. Well… I just found out that my contract with the school can’t be renewed, so that door has closed. I also dropped off a resume and application to Canadian Tire this past weekend, but I haven’t heard anything from them. So I think I should probably head out and hit the pavement and start actually looking for some work.

2. Hobby. I don’t think I have ever had a “real” hobby. Not one that I’ve fallen in love with and been passionate about anyway. Some of my friends and family members are excellent scrapbookers, and when I see what they do I love it, but I don’t know if I have the creativity or patience for it. Spart and I have been working on a fabulous project that I’ll fill you in on once it’s all up and running, but I don’t think that counts as a hobby. I’m practicing my piano again a little bit, but I really need new music. Any suggestions for a hobby I could take up?

3. Excercise. I just joined PEERtrainer.com after being inspired by my laywer cousin who is my inspiration to get myself in shape. I like the site because it forces me to evaluate my eating habits (you have to keep a log of what you eat) and also my workouts. I’ve been walking more and started my ab workouts again, but I really need to push myself to get running again. And biking. I need to squash this old man that has inhabited my thighs that prevents me from getting up hills. haha

So. If I don’t write AS often through the summer months, it’s simply because I don’t have as many fun stories to tell as I might through the school year. My days are pretty simple.. but I’m beginning to really enjoy the quiet. I’ll definitely keep you posted on all the adventures of the Hubster and Wifester (that’s me) as they come though. I’m pretty excited for this weekend… we’re going to spend Friday and Saturday with his parents to celebrate his upcoming birthday, then my parents are coming here on Sunday!! It’ll be their first real visit to Senior’s City so I’m pretty pumped. I like when people visit us. :)

Anyway, that’s all for now. Talk soon. :)

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