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Blister on my Thumb*

My thumb is very sore. You see, the Hubster showed me his new xbox 360 last night and showed me my new favourite game EVER called Feeding Frenzy and between last night and today I played entirely too much. It’s kind of like Hungry Hungry Hippos but for fish! haha… you start off as this little fish and you need to eat fish that are smaller than you while avoiding those that are bigger. As you grow you can eat bigger fish. It’s extremely addicting and now my thumb is paying for it. I don’t have controller hands apparently. haha

Today was lots of fun! We slept in extremely late, went out for a walk and ran some errands, then came home and just relaxed and spent some time together. I’m loving all this free time we have because next week we go back to our insane schedules and pretty much need to book time in to see each other. Oh, the joys of university life.

I’m still having trouble believing this weather… it was 12 degrees outside today. I was outside in a t-shirt. IN JANUARY. I love it, but it’s just not right. I hope it’s not a tease… I’m terrified that in a couple of weeks we’ll get this wicked cold that will blow in with tonnes of snow. If this is for keeps, I could LOVE living in Ontario. haha

Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired. Thank you Spart for showing me some love. :)

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