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The Hubster is taking a quick nap so I thought I’d take a minute to write in here. We’ve had a great weekend–we spent yesterday relaxing and my wannabe handy man Landlord came up to take a look at our bathroom faucet. The thing has been leaking almost since we moved in, and he’s already been up to fix it once. The first time he managed to get it to stop leaking for a few weeks, then it slowly increased once again. We live in an old apartment building so these things are sort of expected.

We had the same problem in our kitchen this summer– the kitchen tap would not stop leaking. [Bob] came up to fix it, and ended up breaking the tap even further to the point where we could not even use it. He assured us that he would be back later that day with the needed parts to repair it. So, we waited and waited and waited and finally around 8pm he called and said that we needed a while new tap and would be in the next morning to replace it. The prospect of getting a shiny new kitchen faucet was exciting, so I decided to let it slide that we wouldn’t have use of our kitchen sink until the next morning.

The next day came, and morning turned into afternoon, and still Bob had not come. I was slightly frustrated by this point as doing dishes in the bathroom is just not my thing, and it was a hassle all around. Finally he called to let us know that the apartment handy man had been busy all day and that he felt that it was a job for him. But he’d be there FIRST THING the next morning. Ugh. So we woke up bright and early to have him show up at noon. :)

Anyway. The point of this whole rant is that yesterday in our bathroom– Bob did it again. The faucet is now broken beyond repair and we have not had the use of the hot water in the sink for 2 days now. The handy man is supposed to be coming tomorrow, but we have no idea when, so I’m stuck here waiting around for him. If I wasn’t so excited to have another shiny new faucet I’d be very unimpressed. I’m tempted to tell him we’re having troubles with our stove next… maybe we can get a new one….


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