• September Disappeared*

    I have absolutely no idea where September went.

    Somehow tomorrow is September 30th and I’ve already completed 5 weeks of school. That’s INSANE. If things keep going the way they are, I’ll be finished teacher’s college… next week. In my sense of time anyway.

    SO. I have news! After some help from Too Kool and the Hubs I may have found a way to make my blog more secure without losing my blog posts or being limited to a specified number of readers. They are helping me work on it right now, so I’ll let you know when it’s ready for your eyes. Be excited. I sure am. :)

    Let’s see… what else is new… the Hubs and I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend together. We stayed in on Friday night and curled up on the couch and watched TV before going to bed early. On Saturday I actually slept in all the way to 8am!!!! Oh goodness, it was GLORIOUS. Most days I am up by 5:30 and out the door by 7am, so it was amazing. AH. Too Kool came up for the afternoon / evening and we went out did some shopping, grabbed dinner then spent the night in again. Sunday was equally relaxing–we went to church, came home, napped, then I had a wonderful chat first with my mom, then Doodle called out of the blue! I haven’t talked to him in nearly 2 months, so it was so nice to catch up! I can’t wait to be able to see my family more often… it sucks to be so close to them but still never see them. *sigh* Eight months until freedom!!!!

    Aside from that, life has been really really good. I am finally getting into the rhythm of teacher’s college and am adjusting to my insane schedule of too much class and no sleep. I also have not missed a single class or left early in 5 (going on 6) weeks. That’s a crazy record for me… in previous years I had likely skipped at least half my classes by the first week! haha! It helps that I LOVE my program and the people in it, and I just feel like I have this obligation to be there. I got in when so many others didn’t and I don’t want to screw it up, you know? Even if I know we won’t be doing anything important, I still feel like I need to be there. I like feeling like that. It’s a first for me.

    One more thing–I am very excited about what I learned this morning!!! I posted about it on my Exercise Blog*.

    And just in case you were wondering, I am still absolutely madly in love with the Hubster and each and every day I am so thankful to have him in my life. I am one lucky lady. :)

    Shop Girl*

    P.s. Kelly got the right answer to my joke… but that was because she was at camp with me when we heard it! haha CHEATER!! ;) The answer is posted in a comment on the post!

  • My Most Favourite Joke EVER*

    Please don’t laugh at me. Laugh at my joke. haha!!

    I’m about to share my most favourite joke in the entire world with you. Here goes… see if you can guess the answer.

    What did the zero say to the eight?

    Shop Girl*

  • The Moment*

    This week has been INSANE. I’m exhausted and am not feeling terribly creative at the moment, so I decided I’d share something with you from a moment when I was. This was an assignment I handed in a couple of weeks ago and just got back yesterday with a glorious 87% mark. It was for a Sociocultural Perspectives course, and the assignment was to

    a) reflect on and write about an important “moment” in your life
    b) connect this moment to your understanding of learning and/or development, and
    c) consider the effects of social structures on my experience

    The format could be anything–essay, poetry, rap, video, presentation, collage–you name it, you could do it. I chose free verse poetry, and I call it, “The Moment”.

    A moment.
    One moment.

    It’s funny how one moment can impact us so greatly.
    One moment
    Can change the way we view ourselves,
    And the world we live in.

    A moment.
    One moment.

    I have always been good with words.
    I dwell on them,
    Escape to them,
    And most importantly, I understand them.
    And they understand me.
    I sometimes forget that others aren’t friends with words the way that I am…

    …or maybe they just aren’t friends yet.

    I love to introduce people to words.
    Last year I introduced Danny to words.
    He struggled at first,
    As many grade two’s do,
    And wanted to understand them like I do.

    So together we looked,
    And pondered,
    And struggled.
    But the words wouldn’t come to Danny.

    …until one day they did
    On a Tuesday morning.
    After months of struggle,

    A moment.
    One moment

    And the words were his.

    In his eyes
    They transformed from symbols to letters,
    From letters to words,
    From words to sentences,
    From sentences to paragraphs,
    And from paragraphs to stories.

    And he could understand like I do.

    I’ve taught things before,
    But had never witnessed that moment.

    A moment.
    One moment.
    THE moment

    When true learning takes place.
    I saw that in Danny.
    And I knew that this was what I needed to do with my life.

    I love words,
    And I want to help people love them like I do.
    I want to help others have that moment.

    THE moment.

    When it all comes together,
    And the light bulb turns on,
    And new understanding takes place.

    I used to be Danny.
    And it didn’t seem to matter if my light bulb turned on.
    Until one day,
    To one person,
    It did.
    And in that moment,
    One moment,
    I understood.

    There are so many Danny’s,
    And not enough light switchers.
    Because that takes time,
    And time is money.

    …and I guess a lot of people are broke.

    But Danny is everywhere.
    He’s you,
    He’s me,
    He’s the girl next door
    And the boy down the street.

    He’s the child who sits in the back to hide his confusion.
    He’s the girl who has learned to mimic to fake learning.
    He’s the one who is different,
    And the one that blends in.
    He’s the one who thinks he’s stupid,
    Because no one told him differently.
    He’s the one in designer clothes,
    And the one in patched up hand-me-downs.
    He’s the one that “isn’t worth the effort”
    Because “there’s no hope for him anyway”.
    (I think he’s worth it.)
    He’s the one who isn’t sure who he is
    Because his body tells him one thing,
    But his heart tells him another.
    He’s the one that everyone wants to be,
    And the one that everyone forgets.

    He’s the one who so desperately wants to learn it,
    Aches to learn it,
    Needs to learn it,
    But hides it behind a tough façade and pretends not to care.

    Because pretending is cool when nobody cares.

    …I care.

    I’m watching.

    I’m waiting
    To help you have that moment.

    A moment.
    One moment.
    THE moment.

    …and many more.

    And I can’t wait.

    Shop Girl*

  • Chapter Eight* …the "Almost Fight"

    Up until this point everything I have written about in Our Story* has all be lovely and rosy. I’ll bet that at some point you probably wondered if I’m exaggerating, or if after three years my memory has chosen to eliminate any rougher parts of our relationship. Well, let me reassure you that I have recounted the first four months of our relationship (yes, to this point we had only been together for FOUR months…) as accurately as I possibly can. I’m really proud of the fact that in nearly 3.5 years we have never had a real “fight”–you know, the disagreement/argument that usually leads to raised voices, saying things you later regret, and often tears. While we’ve never had a “fight”, tonight I’m going to tell you about the closest we’ve ever come to it.

    While getting engaged to the man of my dreams after only seven weeks is / was wonderfully romantic, it did have its problems as well. As we prepared for our upcoming marriage we were both often asked the question: “How well can you really know someone in so short a time?” And you know, it really is a valid question… but I don’t really think time has anything to do with it. You could think you know someone for 10 years before you really learn who they are, and at the same time I believe that you could meet someone and know who they are as a person in a few short days. It really depends on the type of relationship / friendship you develop and the level of openness you share with each other.

    The Hubster is my best friend in the entire world and I now feel like we know each other better than anyone… but during May of 2005 we were still learning a lot about each other. As the words “time and all eternity” loomed ever closer we both felt there were some big issues we needed to discuss before we got married. It was through these discussions that we learned that we don’t always agree on everything… in fact, we often have very different opinions. But first let me explain…

    The first of these big talks happened one afternoon as we were sitting on the grass in the middle of my favourite parks. It was a beautiful day, and for the life of me I can’t remember how it came up, but we began discussing children. It was our first real talk about kids and our future. After a few minutes we quickly realized that we both had predetermined ideas about children, families, etc etc, and when we should have children. And we also learned that our predetermined ideas were different.

    At first I didn’t know what to do about that.

    To that point in our relationship we hadn’t really ever disagreed about anything. This wasn’t deciding where to eat for dinner though, this was something we had both put some thought into on our own but hadn’t discussed with each other until then. The idea that we had really different ideas and opinions really set me back at first. It shocked me… I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of it, as stupid as that sounds. Was this ok? Were married people allowed to have different opinions?

    Without going into too much detail, the “issue” of children was actually one we talked about and sorted through for several weeks. But even though we disagreed on some things and agreed on others, that talk was nothing compared to our first discussion on our finances.

    To all my readers, unmarried or not, talk about your finances with your spouse, partner or significant other. Together. It’s important that you are both aware of your financial situation and that you make decisions together.

    The first time we talked about our financial future together was late one night after I had worked both jobs and was lying in bed half asleep.

    Problem #1: It was over the phone.
    Problem #2: I was exhausted.
    Problem #3: He was tired.
    Problem #4: I can be a stubborn beast. haha

    The Hubs proposed a thought about banking, and (I’ll blame it on being so tired…) I reacted badly. For whatever reason that I can’t even recall anymore, I absolutely abhorred the idea he proposed before even thinking it through. He reacted to my reaction and we quickly realized that we had very different opinions about what should happen.

    Before it could escalate into an argument we both might regret, we decided to stop talking about it until we would see each other that weekend. I was heated over the issue, and I could tell he was bothered by it as well. Despite being upset, we made sure to tell each other that we loved each other and let it go. It was the type of disagreement that could have easily blown up into a major fight… and in all honesty, if the Hubs hadn’t put things on hold my stubborn streak might have let things escalate. But by giving each other a couple of days to think about it, explain our standpoints well and discuss it when we were cooled down we avoided a major blowup. And I’m so glad… because now I realize that it was such a minor thing. Really. It just seemed big at the time.

    We really learned a lot about each other through those “almost fights”… and best of all I learned that I was marrying a really really incredible man who, despite his many different ideas from my own, actually listened to mine and wanted to work together to decide what our best options were / are. I really love that we have different ideas, because hey–guess what? I don’t always come up with magical solutions on my own.

    So, even though we were presented with two opportunities where a “fight” could have easily been occurred, we learned to talk about things and accept that we won’t always agree on everything. And that’s okay. :)

    Three and half years later we still have never had what we’d call a “fight”. We talk about everything… and while, sure, we both get upset about things or with each other (hey, we’re human) we walk away to cool off and think it through before talking it over. And once we’ve done that, it’s done. Gone. There are no grudges or holding things over the other person’s head.

    After these big talks I knew without a doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the Hubster (well, I guess back then he was the Fiancee). And while I’m not naive enough to say that we’ll never ever have a real fight, I think we’re off to a pretty good start so far. :)

    Shop Girl*

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