Hi Again.

I know it’s not quite December yet, but it’s snowing out and feels so Christmasy and the first is tomorrow and I don’t want to wait anymore, so…

…hi again. 🙂

Let me begin by saying: I missed this. I missed you. I knew after two days of not writing that even when it’s hard, this is such a source of joy in my life. This community is such a source of joy.

I did need the break, and I’m glad I just took a bit of time to draw inward. It was good for me, and it helped me gain a bit of perspective about what I want to do here. I’m also super ready to tell you all the things I’ve been doing and thinking! I’ve been busy working on a project, and I have a real plan for the book I want to write.

…and I actually started writing it.

November was both quiet and full, and I can’t wait to tell you my favorite bits from it… beginning with an act of kindness from a stranger in this beautiful town that made me cry in my van last night.

…but you need to wait until tomorrow for that one. 😘

So, hi again. I’m back, as are W’s whole face kisses.

I missed you. ❤️

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