Good Mornin’

I think I did my Dad proud this morning. ♥️

We have to have the kids up by 7am to get them ready on time for school. They know this. Most days they are up before us and are already having breakfast when we come down.

Today, they were all still dragging their feet at 7:15 and didn’t want to get up.

So, I decided to “help”.

We have Google devices in every bedroom, mostly for use at night. I play a quiet “bedtime” playlist for the boys (this has helped settle them SO much), and S loves to listen to stories and books on hers before bed. Today I discovered they serve a glorious morning purpose too.

From my battle station in the kitchen (as I made the lunches I didn’t want to make the night before), I turned on their googles and began to play one of my favourite songs: “Good Morning” from Singing in the Rain.

Immediately I heard S turn it off….so I giggled and turned it back on. One notch louder. She tried to turn it off twice more but I was too quick with the draw. I heard a long groan from her bedroom before she trudged down the stairs, and gave me a (loving) glare from the couch:

S: “What. Was. That.”

Me: *turns music louder and continues singing chorus*

She grabbed a pillow to cover her face as H entered the kitchen.

H: “I heard some strange music playing from the Google when I woke up and it was singing good morning so I decided to open my eyes and look out the morning and it was morning time! So I got out of bed.”

Me: *still singing*

P slept through it all. 😂

I’m not quite as annoying at the alarm clock he woke us with every day, but I think Bid Dad would be proud.


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