Four Months*

W had his four month check up with our doctor today!

His non-stop growth spurt seems to have leveled off a little and he is now officially ON the charts. He’s currently 17lbs 12oz, which could explain why my back and shoulders have been sore… 😂

(Does anyone know a good massage therapist?)

He’s healthy and growing well, and he absolutely charmed everyone in the office today. He didn’t even cry when he got his needles… he was a total champ.

This visit was SO much better than my last. Maybe I just caught my doctor on an off day last time, but today she was just oozing about how beautiful and healthy he is. I’ve spent the last two months with this little worry about his size at the back of my head, but I’m just glad to hear that he’s exactly where he should be.

Side note: how is he four months old already?! ❤️😭

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