They are all mine.

“Are they all yours?”

(“…on purpose?”)

“You must be so busy!!”

“You sure have your hands full!”

“Good for you!”

These are the comments I receive most often from random strangers we meet while we’re out and about. Many people assume that I must be running a home daycare, and are surprised to hear that I’m my only client.

They are well meaning. I know that. I’m not offended. Apparently having a family of this size is uncommon these days and people are curious and interested.

…but it does make me feel a little like a side show attraction sometimes, particularly with P’s antics. 😂

So, well meaning person on the street, let me answer all of these questions for you, all at once:

1) Yes. They are all mine. Aren’t I lucky?

2) Yes. On purpose.

3) Yes. It IS busy.

4) Yes. My hands are full, often quite literally.

5) Thank you. It IS good. It’s busy and overwhelming and exhausting and hard…

…but also rewarding and incredible and amazing and fun.

There are plenty of times where M and I look at each other and have a “Holy Crap! We have four kids!!” moment.

But mostly we just look at those four beautiful kids and feel like the luckiest parents in the world.

So yes. They are all mine.

And I’m dang proud of it. ❤️

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