Operation “Mean Mom”

Operation “Mean Mom” starts today.

I’ve noticed that my kids have been gravitating more and more to their screens. After we had the baby we definitely relaxed our rules about their Nintendo or iPad time, but lately I’ve noticed it’s ALL they want to do.

They’re great when they are outside with their friends, but as soon as they come in or their friends aren’t available, it’s like they’ve forgotten how to entertain themselves without a screen in their hand.

It came to a head on Saturday when they asked about 1937282 times if it was time to play Nintendo yet… and moped around every time I said no.

So, I told them we were taking a break. A whole week without screens. No Nintendo, no games on the phone, no iPads. They can use Kids Messenger to call a friend, but the games and camera filter features they play with are off limits. Occasionally I will let them watch a movie, but only if it’s a family activity.

That’s it.

For the rest of the week, were going old school– back to a good old fashioned 1990’s summer. I wanted to brainstorm activity ideas to get them started, and had them contribute ideas to the list.

This is what we came up with, and it’s up on my fridge where they can see it every time they come for a snack and do the “I’m borrrrred” whine.

I also may have warned them that if “there’s nothing to do” with the PLETHORA of toys and activities we have, then we can donate them to some other kids who would enjoy them more.

(*Cue evil mom laugh*)

Operation Mean Mom starts now. 😉

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