Adulting is Not My Favourite*

Oh my goodness. It’s late… and I am SO tired.

I didn’t write last night. Honestly, this week has been really overwhelming. There are so many big adulting things happening and even though I keep waiting for someone else to come and tell me what the answers are, no one comes. I need a magic lamp. Or something.

So last night I turned my brain off and we watched a movie. Actually, we watched parts of two. We started one downstairs then decided to be responsible and go to bed at a reasonable time.

…but then we went upstairs and turned on part of a different movie and watched that instead of going to bed like responsible people. Why we didn’t finish movie #1? No idea. We’re just wild and crazy like that.

The deadline to choose whether our kids will be attending school in-person is looming and it’s like this big black cloud hanging over me. We have 8 days left to declare what the kids are doing. EIGHT DAYS.

I am so beyond grateful that I even have a choice when so many other families don’t. At the same time–it feels SO heavy. It just feels so ridiculous that we are all in this position. How is this real life?!

Also, I haven’t really spoken about it until today, but we are house hunting! We’ve been looking for a couple of weeks, but we are so back and forth about what we want and where we want it. We’re really hoping this move will be to our “forever house” so again, a heavy decision we want to get right.

We saw two more houses today… and one of them we actually loved. It has almost all the things we want, but not quite. So, do we settle? Or do we wait and see what else comes up? I just don’t know. AH. We’re lucky that we have a phenomenal realtor that I’ve known for a long time. She has been so patient guiding us through this, and I know we’ll find our place.


In other news, I’m going to get my hair cut tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED. I checked my calendar, and my last cut was on August 13th of 2019. It’s been almost a year and it is SO overdue. I still am not sure what I want to do, only that I want her to cut about 23438297 pounds out of it. It’s so heavy I am beyond ready to let that gooooo.

I am also going to pick up groceries. Not as exciting as a haircut, but YAY FOOD!

And now, I’m taking my overtired self to bed.

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